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Readings, Healing sessions, and life coaching are available by phone, video chat, or email.

Upcoming Online classes:

You may call or text (856)449-9099 to register for the classes; class fee will be sent by invoice email and is due the day before the class.

Angels 101 Online Class

Thursday, April 16th at 7 PM EST

This class will give you basic yet in depth information about Angels and how to communicate and work with them. This class will discuss Angels and Archangels including who they are and what they do. It will also discuss how to communicate and work with Angels including signs the Angels give us.

The cost of this class is ONLY $60 and will be about an hour in duration, depending on class size. 

Manifesting Your Desires Online Class

​Thursday, May 14th at &PM EST 

Do you want to manifest things, but don't know how?
Have you tried manifesting using the Law of Attraction or some other technique, but it didn't work?
Then this class is for you!!!
This class will cover a manifestation technique that actually works along with some things people do to interfere with the manifestation process, so you don't block the progress by doing them.

This class in ONLY $30!!!

​Facebook group: Angels Of Light

​In this group, you will get a weekly general group 3 card reading, Angel information, crystal information, tips for emotional wellness, and a progressive muscle relaxation meditation!!! At only $20 per year, it's a great bargain!!!