Energy Healing:

Energy healing services range from $30- $125, depending on the service

I also offer energy healing, a holistic approach to helping you gain and maintain good health.  I can cut the etheric cords that may be unnecessarily draining some of your energy.  I will also teach you the reason for these cords and how to cut them yourself for in the future. Other services I perform for clients include Reiki,  removing energy blocks, and entity removal and soul retrieval through Shamanism,which an ancient healing art focusing on restoring spiritual imbalances.

Angel Card Readings:

Readings are $30 for each 15 minute increment

 During an Angel Card Reading, I dedicate the deck to you and your needs.  This puts me in direct contact with your Angels and I am the medium through which you ask your questions and receive answers.  

I have found that the angels who watch over us provide loving, yet specific and detailed information.  In many cases, they are as eager to communicate with you as you are to hear what they have to say!  It is okay to ask the angels any question, whatever its nature.  Angels care just as much about our physical well-being and daily life as they do about our spiritual development.  Afterward, I return the card deck to a place of love and light, where it is watched over until the next reading.​


Angel Card Readings, Psychic Mediumship Sessions, Intuitive Life Coaching, Energy Medicine, Business Coaching, & Hypnotherapy

Angel Parties

When you host an Angel party, you and your guests get an Angel Card reading for $30 each. Parties must have a minimum of 6 attendees. Parties with 6 or more paying guests and the host/hostess gets a FREE reading!

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​​​​​​Life & Relationship Coaching:

Life coaching sessions are $60 for 30 minutes, $120 for 60 minutes

​I will intuitively help guide you so you can get your life back on track. We will work together to remove your blocks that are preventing you from being as happy as you could be.  We will identify your blocks, life purpose, discuss ways to improve your relationship with yourself and others, and much more! I specialize in motivating people with anxiety, depression, and past trauma.  Contact me today so you can get on your path to a better life!​


Mediumship Sessions:

​Mediumship Sessions/readings start at $30 for a 15 minute session

When you schedule a mediumship session, we will focus on receiving messages from your loved ones who have passed on.  I will call on the Angels and my Spirit guides to help me find and communicate with your loved ones.


Hypnotherapy sessions are $125, excluding smoking cessation sessions

Through hypnotherapy, I can help you overcome the stumbling blocks in your life.  Some of these may include stress, poor coping skills, the desire or need to lose weight, self esteem issues, childhood trauma, or any number of other problems that are preventing you from being as happy as God and the Angels want you to be.  Some of these stumbling blocks are from this lifetime, some are from a past lifetime.  If they are from a past lifetime, I can use past life regression to heal that issue and help you be happier now.

Your comfort, safety, and well being are always my top priorities.  Before we begin a hypnotherapy session, I will explain to you the process I will use and allow you to ask any questions.  You will be fully aware and in control as we explore the essence of your being.

Spirit Animal Journey
Spirit Animal Journeys are $60

We will go on a Shamanic journey to identify your spirit animal and the gift it has for you. This will help you to better connect with it and be able to call on it when you need its strength. This can be done in person, by phone, or video chat.

Gift Certificates are available for any services or by denominations.

Dream Interpretation:

Dream Interpretations are $20

I offer dream interpretations so you don't have to wonder what that crazy/weird dream was about and tell you  the message the Angels were trying to give you through the dream.

​Guardian Angel Channeling:

$20 for this service
I will channel your 2 main guardian angels. Through this channeling, it will provide the Angels' names and colors that are associated with them.  This helps you to be able to call on them personally and also use their coordinated colors to draw you closer to them. Also, if there is a message they have been trying to tell you and you have been missing it or they feel you need to be reminded of it, I will relay that to you as well.  

Angels of LIght Facebook Group

Membership in this group is $20 a year

In this facebook group, you will get a weekly general group card reading, a weekly Spirit Animal reading, daily channeled affirmations, Angel information, crystal information, a progressive muscle relaxation recording, and tips for emotional wellness. 

Meditation Recordings:

Price varies depending on recording

These Meditation recordings are created to help you overcome unwanted habits and help your self esteem and outlook on life. General meditations are available or I can create a customized meditation just for you.

Business Coaching 

$300 for this service

I will look at your website and social media sites and guide you on areas that can be improved and teach you how to market yourself authentically using social media without breaking the bank. This is a minimum of 2 coaching sessions and also offers support along your journey.

​​​Angels Always Around Us

Intuition Development & Learning How to Read Angel & Oracle Cards

$75 for this service

I will help you develop your intuition, help you learn how to distinguish your intuition from what your mind thinks, and learn how to read oracle cards.  Intuition Development may include learning how to intuitively communicate with animals or the deceased if desired.​​

House Clearings:

House clearings start at $150

I can remove unwanted spirits from your home so that you may live with peace of mind again. Sometimes spirits get trapped on this side and are "bothering you" trying to communicate with you to ask for help.  What you mistake for them bothering you may actually be them trying to get your attention.  Sometimes they are unfortunately putting you at the mercy of their bad attitude. Whichever the case may be, I help the spirit move on into the light and out of your home.